System76 Darter Pro 6: power supply, case screws

I like this laptop a lot! It comes with a Chicony power supply, 19V 3.42A 65W. Those are easy to find, but you have to get the right barrel connector. The nominal outer diameter of the barrel is 5.5mm, the nominal inside is 2.5mm. The tip is positive. I ordered this power adapter from amazon, and the brick part is exactly what I got from System76. The barrel fits correctly except it’s a couple mm too long, which I don’t mind. If that link is dead, try searching for “chicony toshiba satellite 19v 65w.” I like supporting System76, but not quite enough to buy replacement AC adaptors from them.

My case screws keep slowly working out somehow, which is annoying. The screws are M2 by 5 mm long if you need to order them. This screw assortment included them.