A story from my sister

My sister, Miranda Hassett, visited Jerusalem in 1995.

I was bright, curious, and ambitious. I thought I was ready. I thought it was the kind of thing a student like me, a person like me, should do.

Just a few weeks in, her visit turned a very sharp corner.

Playing with d3.js

At one of my jobs, I’m working with d3.js to develop visualizations of scholarly data, such as article citations and co-authorships. I’m not ready to show off that work yet, but I got a bee in my bonnet to make some useless/pretty pictures. The main inspiration was gmunk’s work on TRON - SO NICE. My work obviously does not compare, but it’s been fun to try things with a playful attitude.

Here is one

Here is another

Incidentally, Mike Bostock’s bl.ocks.org is both handy and a cute use of gists.

Finally, the best d3 visualization I’ve seen is this globe with overlaid weather data. Really amazing!

Sports Metaphors: Curling Edition

Be Thou our Skip throughout life’s game, An’ syne we’re sure to win, Tho’ slow the shot and wide the aim, We’ll [sweep] each ither in.

from “Curler’s Grace”

Source (wikipedia)

Sports Metaphors: Shooting Edition

[The gazelle’s legs] are like rifles from which leaps are fired.

– Rainer Maria Rilke