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I stumbled across a great series of blog posts on distributed systems by a Mr Aphyr. Here is the first one: Call me maybe: Carly Rae Jepsen and the perils of network partitions.

It also turns out that I met him in college at Carleton! Wow!



It's been fun to watch the OpenBSD folks complain as they flense, refactor, rewrite, and fix OpenSSL. Good job.

If you want more detail than the log messages, I found one of their blogs, Ted Unangst (user name tedu in the CVS logs).


Wait, is that William Carlos Williams?

3-part PSA:

  1. Don't run the disposal if there is glass in it.

  2. Remove glass from the disposal if it ends up there, or at least let people know.

  3. The disposal is broken because it is full of glass.

-- Paul Stewart, a former housemate.



JSON Web Token (JWT) Authorization for Python's Requests

JSON Web Tokens are "a compact URL-safe means of representing claims to be transferred between two parties." The "claims" are assertions about what's going on, and they're cryptographically signed, either with a shared secret between client and server or using public key cryptography.

One place they're being ...


Matlab xUnit DocTest transfers ownership

At a previous job, I worked a lot with Matlab. This was in 2010, before Matlab had any testing tools included, and the best testing tool was Steve Eddins' Matlab xUnit package.

I loved (and love) the Python doctest module: it's both a clever hack and a very useful ...


A story from my sister

My sister, Miranda Hassett, visited Jerusalem in 1995.

I was bright, curious, and ambitious. I thought I was ready. I thought it was the kind of thing a student like me, a person like me, should do.

Just a few weeks in, her visit turned a very sharp corner.


Playing with d3.js

At one of my jobs, I'm working with d3.js to develop visualizations of scholarly data, such as article citations and co-authorships. I'm not ready to show off that work yet, but I got a bee in my bonnet to make some useless/pretty pictures. The main inspiration ...


Vegetables, Wow


o o oo oOo


Sports Metaphors: Curling Edition

Be Thou our Skip throughout life's game,
An' syne we're sure to win,
Tho' slow the shot and wide the aim,
We'll [sweep] each ither in.

from "Curler's Grace"

Source (wikipedia)


Sports Metaphors: Shooting Edition

[The gazelle's legs] are like rifles from which leaps are fired.

-- Rainer Maria Rilke